Let's #playtogether.

Mojocat is a design & development studio that has been crafting games and interactive applications since Dec 2011.

We straddle in the magical region of these 3 categories:


Play. Laugh. Live!

Game-based Learning

Play and Learn!


Play and influence change!

Playful + Meaningful
+ =

We don’t just make animated characters. We strive to create better experiences for people, and we believe there are greater purposes to the products we do.

For example, one of our design goal is to enable and encourage people to #playtogether more. In this increasingly silo-ed world, we believe that it might just be the first step towards better understanding and better connection with other people.

Process: Design Thinking + Game

To do this, it involves incorporating elements of design thinking into our process. We empathise and recognise the fact that different groups of people have different play habits. They play at different moments of the day, in different settings, and through different platforms. Therefore, we always seek first to research and understand these in order to remove the barriers of getting them to make the first step.