Educational Games & Applications

To assist educators to better teach a topic and further engage their digital native audience.


We have always believed in the notion that games can serve a larger purpose other than entertainment. We believe that games should not be like jackpot machines whose main purpose is to tempt the player to drop in the next coin continuously.

Design for Meaningful Play

We design with the goal to deliver meaningful play for people, so as to maintain continuous engagement and enable them to learn from these experiences.

We work with subject matter experts and instructional designers to design & develop pedagogy-sound cross platform educational games and interactive applications for use in education institutions.

Till date, we have delivered hundreds of interactive applications and games.

Future Possibilities

We bring to the table our expertise in game design and development, and we hope to apply this to the learning processes in different industries. Talk to us to see how you can employ the usage of games for use in educating or engaging your audiences.

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