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about the application

Following on with the successful launch of Jobs Kiosk@Central, we were approached to develop an improved (performance and aesthetics) version for a rollout to more community clubs in Singapore. And boy did we further improved the user experience for this version.

With the launch of the Jobs Kiosk@Central, we had the opportunity to observe the interaction, and collated feedback from users and stakeholders. The deployment of this application on an outdoor kiosk in community clubs posed challenges in connectivity and engagement time - connectivity might be poor and engagement time was short. As such, user’s patience will be severely tested in those kind of situations.

With the proper use of some AJAX magic, user’s perception of the loading time for the search result is dramatically reduced. With the use of location filters, information architecture of the site is improved, and more relevant results can be shown faster as well. Now the user can expect a faster and more responsive experience while they sieve through the results in search of a potential job.

Now, who says a web app loses out in performance to a native app? Ultimately, it’s all in the design and implementation. Glad that we contributed to help the thousands of job-seekers out there! =)

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