Island Cafe

A restaurant management social game. Cook & serve traditional recipes. Decorate & manage your restaurant.

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The story

Island Cafe is a restaurant management game played on social network platforms. It is based on the story of Captain Cook, which speaks of the struggle between the chefs of traditional food versus the emerging dominance of fast food commercial industry led by Master Jade.

First launched on ZingMe in 2011 (then Vietnam's dominant social network), Island Cafe was injected with lots of fun and localized elements targeted primarily towards the Vietnamese players. Players were able to cook and serve local dishes such as Phở Gà and Bánh mì; and decorate their restaurant with even objects such as small plastic stool (commonly seen on the streets in Vietnam) and lion dance troupes etc. At the same time, players also have to be mindful and fend off Master Jade's evil ninjas, who were bent on damaging the restaurant.

Island Cafe attracted more than half a million Vietnamese players in the short span of 3 months. It was the team's first foray into the world of social games - where rapid & constant iteration of the live game is the norm, and where A/B testing and the analysis of live game data are very much taken into account during the game design decision making process.

It was through this experience that the team got trained in the skills of game design & development, the science of game data analysis and testing, and most importantly, the art of player engagement. We thank MDA for their support in the production and marketing of this game.

Island Cafe has been discontinued for play on the social network platforms.
It might be back in some other form, someday...

Inspired by the love for cooking and food. Crafted by Mojocat.