KAN-CHEONG! Kopitiam Saga

Challenge your friends in a series of fast-paced, wacky and funny mini-games inspired from Singapore’s Kopitiam culture!

"Probably the most Singaporean game ever."

In celebration of SG50, and with support from MDA, Mojocat presents to you this multiplayer wacky game that will hopefully bring much laughter and joy when you play with your family and friends.

KAN-CHEONG! Kopitiam Saga seeks to showcase the cultural quirks in Singapore. The game evolves around amusing characters from the two kopitiams - Huat Huat Kopitiam and Raja Kaya Eating House in the quaint Joo Chiat Area of Singapore.

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Relive the days of playing arcade games with your friends!


  • Login and get your very own Pink IC!
  • Play a series of mini-games inspired from Singapore's very own kopitiam culture
  • Challenge up to 3 friends or fellow players real time!
  • Select your favourite spider to "sabo" your opponents during the challenge!
  • Catch and collect all the spiders available from the Tikam-Tikam machine!
  • Check out the comics and uncover the stories that inspired the design of the mini-games!
  • Encouraging words from our beloved players

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    Inspired by Singapore's Kopitiam culture. Crafted by Mojocat.