YWCA Safety Alert

A useful tool for young women, and a channel for continuous engagement

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about the application

YWCA Safety Alert app exists as both an iPhone and an Android app. This app seeks to enhance the safety of young women at any time and anywhere. Users can activate a loud siren sound when they are in distress, and the app will record the location and automatically notify their family/friends through email and/or send notifications to fellow users around them. For the Android version, SMS is also sent automatically as well.

Besides this, the reader provides an easy and intuitive way for users to read the latest articles or try out quizzes from YWCA’s publication; and a specially designed time-table function that let them organize their daily activities.

We were approached to design and develop both the iOS and Android applications. With their target users in mind, we iterated the UI design to achieve a best-in-class experience, and gave the app a cute and pleasant look-and-feel. We also crafted a content-management system to make it easy for our client’s administrator to load content from their print publications to the app reader.

our contribution

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